The Poe server will send an HTTP POST request to the bot servers URL with content type application/json. The body will be a JSON dictionary with the following keys:
  • version (string): The API version that the server is using.
  • type (string): This is one of the following strings:
    • query: Called when the user makes a query to the bot (i.e., they send a message).
    • settings: Query the bot for its desired settings.
    • report_feedback: Report to the bot server when certain events happen (e.g., the user likes a message).
    • report_error: Report to the bot server when an error happens that is attributable to the bot (e.g., it uses the protocol incorrectly).
    • Additional request types may be added in the future. Bot servers should ignore any request types they do not understand, ideally by sending a 501 Not Implemented HTTP response.
Each of the request types is discussed in detail below:
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